1. Diflucan (fluconazole) is a medicine particularly intended for people with fungal infections that have to be taking some medication to reduce down the multiplication of fungi. This drug is to be taken throughout the entire period of treatment although you signs might appear to boost after just a couple of days. This medication is FDA maternity classification C, meanings it could be unsafe to a coming child. If you are expecting, or are going to end up being expectant, you should inform the medical professional regarding that. If you are breastfeeding, taking Diflucan may not be advised to stay clear of harming your nursing infant. Permit your doctor understand if during the therapy you get such severe negative side effects as seizures, hives, itching, severe fatigue, rash, pale feces, queasiness, absence of electricity, trouble breathing or ingesting, dark pee, loss of cravings, uncommon hemorrhaging or blemishing. There is no have to call your medical professional if you have a few mild negative side effects as belly discomfort, pyrosis ( heartburn ), adjustment in ability to try food, problem, dizziness, or looseness of the bowels. Take Diflucan as prescribed - make certain you never ever exceed the dose advised or utilize this medicine more often than required, as this is not most likely to increase the effectiveness of your procedure.

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